Our Services...

FASNA member firms specialize in providing services in the following three major categories:

  • Insurance claims
  • Litigation support
  • Special financial investigations
We also offer complimentary education services including our Forum newsletter and seminars/adjuster training.

Insurance claims

Our principal service is for the insurance industry in the assistance with the adjustment of insurance claims when the relative size of the claim or when the financial matters involved become complicated. As professionals with extensive training in both financial and insurance policy issues, we can step in and get claims resolved in an objective and efficient manner.

We typically work directly with company adjusters, independent adjusting services, or attorneys. We do not work with public adjusters. The most common insurance claims for which we are involved include the following:

  • Business income loss
  • Employee dishonesty & theft
  • Inventory / property loss
  • Personal injury or wrongful death claims
  • Damage awards
  • Business valuation
  • Divorce and fidelity claims
  • Truth in lending/truth in leasing
  • Insurance fraud
Litigation support

When insurance claims go to litigation or in any other litigated matters, FASNA member firms offer expert consulting and expert testimony services. These services include:

  • Assistance with interrogatories and production requests
  • Assistance with deposition questions
  • Attendance at depositions for immediate analysis of responses
  • Analysis of financial aspects of the case
  • Preparation of declarations and other supportive documents
  • Attendance at ADR hearings
  • Preparation of written reports
  • Assistance with direct and or cross examination questions
  • Testimony at deposition,bench or jury trials
Special financial investigations:

With our CPA backgrounds, FASNA member firms are uniquely positioned to perform special investigations or other financial analysis. These engagements can include fraud, contract compliance, trustee and receivership, and governmental assistance. Past examples of special investigations include the following:

  • Investigation and analysis of the largest fraud recorded against a state public school district
  • Contract compliance audits for an international software company
  • Settlement fund administrator for the U.S. Department of Equal Employment
  • Investigation and analyis of commercial fraud
Educational services

FASNA regularly publishes the Forum, a newsletter designed to update readers on current developments in the insurance industry and FASNA. Complimentary subscriptions are available by contacting our national office.

FASNA member firms also offer complimentary seminars and adjuster training ranging in time from one to four hours. These seminars are designed to educate adjusters on the fine points of financial analysis and loss of business income policy coverage issues. These seminars are an excellent resource for claims managers who are establishing ongoing training to their staff adjusters. To learn more, contact our national office or any of our local FASNA member firms.